About Us

When I was looking for a wedding ring for my husband, I wanted something stylish. At the time, metal was the only option. My husband is an extremely active guy and I was sure he either would be uncomfortable wearing it while working and doing activities, or he would lose it while doing them. Sure enough, about a month after our wedding, my husband’s metal ring ended up on the floor of the ocean after surfing. While I had thought of the idea for a flexible wedding ring several years ago, it took a change of scenery and a lost wedding band for me to pursue the idea.

Because of my background in fashion, I knew a plain rubber ring wasn’t going to do. I wanted something that looked attractive, but was practical for my active guy. I also knew that he wouldn’t want something that he would only wear while working or exercising, and then have to switch back to a metal ring- that was completely impractical. It would probably mean he would lose one ring, or just not wear one. Not to mention, my husband is in the military, so most of the time it is not safe for him to wear a metal ring at work.  I believe this is the case for many guys, whether they are firefighters, electricians, construction workers, police officers, surfers, rock climbers or even just a sports enthusiast. Metal is not comfortable or always the best option for an active guy, but I don’t think one needs to sacrifice style for comfort. My goal was to offer a stylish wedding band that can be worn all the time that works for any kind of career or activity. Who really wants to think about switching rings just to do something active?

At Union Ring Company, we believe in the strength of marriage and I wanted our wedding bands to represent just that, not to be a form of advertising for our logo or company.

A Union Ring is a durable, classy ring for an unbreakable bond.

I want people to wear it proudly as a symbol of their own commitment.

In addition to valuing marriage, we also believe in supporting the people who selflessly serve our country to keep America safe and free. Because of these beliefs, we have chosen to donate a portion of our profits to causes we believe in.