We want to be a company that has “soul,” not just a company that sells product. I always find it refreshing when companies play an active role in our community and give back to something they believe in. There are too many companies that are trying to appeal to everyone, therefore end up standing for nothing.

This is what we stand for:

Marriage. Values. God. Life. Liberty. Country. Service.

As a military wife, I have a special place in my heart for the military. Most people don’t realize the sacrifices a service member and their family makes to serve our country. Like marriage, it is one of the greatest examples of how someone can stand for something bigger than themselves and selflessly serve. To me, that is lost in most of our society today. I have also seen the devastation that can occur because of these sacrifices. Without organizations, like The Navy SEAL Foundation who come alongside families in times of need, I don’t know how some would get through those tough times. As a company whose customers include many military service members, we are proud to give back to that community.

We have chosen to donate 5% of our profits to benefit The Navy SEAL Foundation.